Give & change the lives of people with disabilities in Bali

People with disabilities living in impoverished, remote communities of Bali and East Indonesia, urgently need your help.

Many can’t afford or access quality prosthetics or orthotics which they desperately need to work, study and be part of their communities. They also face high levels of discrimination and on the island, their disability is treated as karma, due to an entrenched cultural belief. 

Donate today to our FundRazr campaign, so we can continue making and distributing high quality prosthetics and orthotics to people who need them most

Your donation will truly help change people with a disability’s lives in Bali and East Indonesia. 

What we do:

PUSPADI Bali is a well regarded NGO providing high quality mobility aids, rehabilitation and a skills training program for people with disabilities living in some of the most poorest, remote areas of Bali and East Indonesia. 

To date, we’ve given appropriately fitted prosthetics, orthotics and wheelchairs to more than 5,800 people in great need in these areasmany of whom have never had a mobility aid before in their life. 

61 per cent of our staff have a physical disability and empowering others in a similar condition to believe in themselves and reach their dreams. Learn more about our work here

Without our help, thousands of people with disabilities in these areas, would never have access to a quality mobility aid. We support them on their journey, for life. 

By donating today, you are helping to cover the costs of prosthetics and orthotics for nine people with disabilities from underprivileged areas of Bali and East Indonesia – and change their life. It’s the greatest gift. 

We believe every person with a disability should have equal access to quality mobility aids, rehabilitation, health care and educational opportunities. 

They’re basic human rights. 

Show your support for disability rights.

Give now.