Puspadi Bali’s approach is one of ‘Total Mobility and Empowerment’ through the provision of integrated services and programs.

Total Mobility and Empowerment

Total Mobility & Empowerment

Mobility solutions

Puspadi Bali provides Mobility Solutions such as prostheses and orthoses, adaptive wheelchairs and mobility aids. The professional assessment, treatment and follow-up by our skilled physiotherapist and workshop staff offer a ‘Total Mobility’ service for people with disabilities.

New friendships and community participation

At PUSPADI Bali young people with similar needs come together and are given a chance to explore their creativity and potential. They are encouraged to approach their disability, in the realisation that all human beings are challenged in one way or another. They are encouraged to become an active part of the community. New friendships are initiated and self-confidence is built with mobility, new skills and employment.

Towards a better understanding

In a traditional culture where disabilities have always been considered a curse, or a karmic result of wrong-doing, changing this perception requires community education. PUSPADI BAli helps raise awareness and dispell myths, empowering new lives of hope and happiness for people with disabilities who have previously been considered a burden and embarrassment to their families.

Advocating for the rights of people with disabilities

PUSPADI Bali increases disability awareness by enabling community participation and visibility for people with disabilities through our many programs. We have developed strong networks with all levels of government and Disabled Person’s Organisations, both in Bali and other parts of Indonesia, to enable a rights-based approach in advocating for recognition for people with disabilities and a commitment from government to provide suppport and services.