Give life-changing gifts that transform the life of a person with a disability 

People with disabilities in Bali and East Indonesia need our support.

While Bali is a tourist paradise, many people with disabilities find it extremely challenging to live comfortably in a home, be part of their communities, travel to work or school and enter temples or buildings because of their inaccessibility.

Many face discrimination, isolation and live in impoverished areas of Bali and East Indonesia, denying them their basic right to quality rehabilitation, healthcare or jobs.

Buy a lasting gift today, like a prosthetic leg or mobility aid for a person with a disability.

Choose your PUSPADI Bali gift: 

  • $556 (USD) can provide an above-knee prosthetic leg for a person with a disability so they’re independent. 

  • $300 (USD) gives a below-knee prosthetic leg to youth so they can travel to school and enjoy learning.

  • $130 (USD) provides an AFO which gives strength and stability to a person with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities. 

  • $300 (USD) gives a brace to a person with a disability so they are properly supported when they walk.

Or give a one-time or monthly donation instead (via bank transfer):

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Account Number: 580-319-9096
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Or when you drop into our office: 

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