PUSPADI Bali is a non profit organisation. We rely on the support of individuals, organisations and foundations to achieve our mission. Your donation will fund PUSPADI Bali activities that help empower people with disabilities in Bali and Eastern Indonesia. Donations will fund mobility aids, materials & equipment, components, therapy, transport, training, and education.

Your donation will really help. Here are some examples of what your donation will fund:

NB These prices are based on average costings excluding expenses such as salaries, rent, consumables etc.


Donations can be made in person by visiting our centre or by bank transfer.

Bank transfer (Please advise us of your donation)

Account Name: Yayasan Pusat Pemberdayaan Penyandang D
Bank: Permata
Branch: Denpasar, Jl Dewi Sartika Denpasar, Bali 80237, Indonesia
Account Number: 580-319-9096
Swift Code: BBBAIDJA

PUSPADI Bali, Annika Linden Centre, Jalan Bakung No19, Tohpati
Desa Kesiman Kertalangu, Denpasar Timur
Bali, 80237 Indonesia

Children between the ages of six and twelve grow at an average rate of 5cm annually. A prosthetic replacement is needed typically every 6-12 months for children, and repairs or replacements every two years for adults. Approximately 11,000 people in Bali have a physical disability limiting their mobility.

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