FOSTERSHIP PROGRAM for Children with Disabilities

PUSPADI Bali believes people with disabilities should be empowered to live out their dreams and reach and realize their full potential as a human right and dignity. We are the only NGO in Bali providing high-quality mobility aids, education & training and advocacy programs to people with physical disabilities in Bali and East Indonesia          see more...

PUSPADI BALI will facilitate and encourage regular direct communication between Foster Parents (FP): a person or more who is Fostering one or more Childs, and Foster Child (SC): is a child who is fostered by Foster Parents (FP) from worldwide.          see more…


Gayatri Cahaya Putri

I am 14 years old girl living with cerebral palsy, I using Ankle-foot orthosis to walk. I live in Gianyar Regency with my mother. We stay in a simple room inside a building materials store. My mother work as a leather crafter with no fixed monthly income. They need support for their daily food and they would like to thank you if you could help them.

Sinta Anggreni

I am 8 years old girl living with cerebral palsy and depend on a wheelchair to move around. I live in a small village with sibling and my parents in East part of Bali. My parent work as a cleaner with Rp. 1.500.000 monthly income. My parents worked really hard but still struggle to fulfill our basic need. They would like to thank you very much if you could help this family.

Sri Angayani

I am 16 years old girl living with cerebral palsy and use a walker to move around. I live with two sister and my parents on the hills located in East Bali. My parent works as farmer with around Rp. 800.000 monthly income. It is not really enough for us. We often feels struggle just to put daily food on our table. We will be really grateful if you support Sri, it will fulfill Sri and her family with basic daily need.

I Kadek Dwi Purwana Yasa (Dwi)

I am 13 years old and in the second grade of Junior High School. I had a broken leg from an accident. The father works as as a security and the mother is a flower trader for offering. Both earn about Rp. 900,000 a month, and far from enough because 4 person are living together. Dwi and his family are more than delighted if anyone could help this family to support financially during the covid-19 pandemic.

I Kadek Alfin

Kadek Alfin, I am in the second grade of Elementary School. I am AFO since I was born. The father’s name is I Putu Ngenteng, works as house labor and and the mother is a housewife. The family earn about Rp. 1,500,000 per month, but it is still far from enough. The house is made of bricks with small room and a toilet that far from hygiene. The family will be more than delighted if anyone could help for his school in the future.

Aditya Pamungkas

I am a 7 years old boy with congenital birth defect. Both of my leg are not normal so I using 2 prosthesis leg to walk. I originally from Java but now live in Bali with my brother and parents. My parents earn about Rp. 2.000.000 and it mostly used to pay for our place to live. It would not enough if later I go to school. Your support will provide them with daily food and education for Aditya.

Children and adolescents with disabilities can be vulnerable to violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect. The frequent ‘institutionalization’ of children with disabilities, denying them the right to grow up in a family environment, can further impact their ability to grow to their full potential and can increase their vulnerability.

Poverty and disability are inextricably linked considering that poverty is a major contributing factor leading to disability while disability traps people into poverty. Without explicit references to persons with disabilities, 80 per cent of whom live in developing countries.

Boys and girls with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to social and economic exclusion; to exploitation in emergencies, post-conflict and alternative care situations; and to poverty, homelessness, and being marginalized in institutions or orphanages. Children with disabilities are almost four times more likely to experience violence than non-disabled children


Name: Febrianus Pinga, DOB: February 7, 2004. One leg since he was born. Lives with parents in Labuhan Bajo. He is in the first grade of Senior High School Komodo, Labuhan Bajo. A friendly boy with limited mobility because he has one leg. He want to be a computer operator. Father: Simon Petrus Leo, born 1975, he works as a fisherman, earn Bout IDR 1,000,000 per month. Mother: Wilhelmina Poti, born 1983 a housewife.

FP Name : Mrs. AEM van Beusekom-Bevelander and Mr. CP van Beusekom Kees and Linda are both teachers from Hollland. They start as Foster Parents on August 1, 2020. It is heart touching story from them when they made a family trips in the beginning of 2011 to Flores, they build a Foundation called Tolong Flores which have been assisting four school in in Labuhan Bajo Flores until now. Thank you for sharing your smile to Indonesian children.