The Roles of Sponsors and Sponsor Clients

PUSPADI BALI will facilitate and encourage regular direct communication between Sponsor (Sp) = a person or more who is sponsoring one or more clients and Sponsor Client (SC) = is a client who is sponsored by Sponsor from worldwide.

Sponsor and Sponsor Client create continued relationship and long lasting friendship from different country, language and culture. They could create cultural exchange, education, unique cultural and habit. English and Indonesian will be translated by PUSPADI Bali.

Sponsor Clients (SC)
*The Sponsor Client has the only one sponsor. If the Sponsor Client is already sponsored by another agency, PUSPADI Bali has an authority to cancel the beneficiary.
*Sponsor Client will receive benefit of cash or not cash. The total amount is based on the sponsor’s ability gifts.
*The Sponsor Client allow PUSPADI to have the Family Profile and the photo taken to share to sponsor and responsible to write introduction thank you letter to sponsor.
*The Sponsor Client will write progress report to sponsor facilitated by PUSPADI.
*Sponsor Client and Sponsor are encouraged to conduct regular correspondence facilitated by PUSPADI.

Sponsor (Sp)
*Sponsor could also sponsor 1 or more clients.
*Sponsor will receive Family Profile, pictures, thank you letter and progress report from sponsored client. The progress Report will be sent annually.
*Sponsor could not chose any Sponsor Client but PUSPADI will inform the Sponsor Client as soon as the donation done.
*Sponsor donates minimum US$ 50 per person per month and will be donated to client same amount (US$ 50) per month.
*Sponsor is going to sponsor minimum a month or more depend on sponsor ability.
*Sponsor send money via bank transfer either monthly, quarterly, semester or annually.
*Sponsor who deposit quarterly, semester or annually to PUSPADI, the money will be donated on monthly based to client US$ 50 per month, the sponsor will receive official receipt from client as soon as the money is donated.
*Sponsor will receive official receipt and thank you letter from PUSPADI and client personally.
*Sponsoring duration is unlimited time, or until the family economy in progress and graduated.
*Sponsor can continue sponsoring another client if the previous client is graduated.
*In case the sponsor pass away, while the deposit money is still with PUSPADI, PUSPADI will donate the money to another client.
*In case the sponsored client pass away, all deposit money will be donated to the client’s family.
*Sponsor Client and Sponsor are encouraged to do regular correspondence facilitated by PUSPADI.
*The correspondent will be done in English and Indonesian.

Let’s take action and become a sponsor now..