Promoting the rights of people with disabilities

PUSPADI Bali aims to increase disability awareness in the community and challenge common misunderstandings and cultural beliefs about disability through increasing the participation and visibility of people with disabilities. Indonesia has ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and it is time to change the way people with disabilities are viewed and treated in their communities.

Puspadi Bali advocate for people with physical disabilities and wheelchair user rights as well as lobbying for policies, laws and legislations regarding accessible environments, equal opportunities for education, employment and inclusion in social life.

In 2014 Puspadi Bali will undertake a research project and needs assessment to collect true data about the number of people with disabilities requiring wheelchair and other mobility services throughout Bali and Eastern Indonesia.

2014 will also see us develop and implement a disability awareness program and community education. “By Us For Us!”

A recent public awareness action

PUSPADI Bali started 2014 with 15 wheelchair users travelling together by public bus to a local mall. This journey illustrated the challenges and lack of accessibility for people with disabilities on public transport and in public spaces. Read more about it as reported in the Jakarta Post and Voice of Solidarity.

“Social mobility and recreation is the right of every person in the society, as well as for people with disabilities. Therefore, public spaces including public buses, malls, markets, hospitals, schools, places of worship, etc. should be able to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities, so they can also be used by everyone, realise the rights and improve the role of people with disabilities in the social life of the community.”

“Let’s Realise the Rights of Persons with Disabilities!”

Public Awareness
Public Awareness
Public Awareness
Public Awareness