Our board
PUSPADI Bali is led by a committed and influential team that oversees the organisation’s growth and works strategically in our goal to enhance personal mobility and increase independence, participation and inclusion for people with physical disabilities.

Prof Dr Ir I Wayan Runa MT, Advisory Board Chair

Dr Ir I Wayan Runa MT is a Lecturer of Architecture at Warmadewa University in Denpasar (1988–now).
His educational background includes: a Bachelor of Architecture, Udayana University (1981-1986), MA Architectural Engineering UGM (1991-1993) and a PhD Architectural Engineering UGM (1998-1999).

I Nyoman Gunawan SH, Advisory Board Member

His professional experience includes: public notary (1996 – now), lawyer (1985-1996), Member of Parliament (1999-2004 and 2004 -2009). Nyoman also has a law degree from the University of Mataram.

Ir I Komang Gede MM, Advisory Board Member

Retired. Previously, Pak Komang Gede served as a Government assistant in Economic Development in Karangasem.
Education: Engineer, Master of Management.

Janice Mantjika, Supervisory Board Chair

Jan came to Bali in 1964 and she did some English teaching at Udayana University in Denpasar (1965- 1967). In 1969, she started Jan’s Tours company in Bali and is Managing Director (1969-now). Janice is the Founder of Bali International Women’s Association.
Her educational background includes: Commercial Management, New Zealand (1956-1959) and working for The Dominion Newspaper in New Zealand (1959-1963).

Ni Made Jaya Senastri SH MH, Supervisory Board Member

Ni Made Jaya Senastri is a Law Lecturer at Warmadewa University.
Education: LLB, Law Faculty of Udayana, LLM, Faculty of Law UNJ Jember.

I Nengah Latra, Director

I Nengah Latra, DirectorFounder and Director of PUSPADI BALI since 1999. Latra has 11 years experience working at YAKKUM Rehabilitation Centre in Yogyakarta. Pak Latra began his journey with disability when he was 19, after surviving severe burns.

I Wayan Sandi, Governing Board Secretary

Pak Sandi is a tour leader in Asia and Indonesia. He is also an advocate and motivational speaker for PUSPADI Bali and for people with a disability. Previously, Pak Sandi taught English and worked in administration and finance.
He has a Diploma in English Literature from IKIP in Lombok.

AA Bagus Surya Mataram SE, Governing Board Treasurer

AA Bagus Surya Mataram SE is the owner of Bali Bagus Rafting. He has a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Denpasar.