About Us

PUSPADI Bali is a disability rehabilitation, education, training and empowerment organisation, which is committed to working with people with a disability in Bali and Eastern Indonesia. Established in 1999, PUSPADI Bali strives towards an inclusive society in which people with disabilities are treated equally and provided with the same opportunities as others.

Our Approach

Puspadi Bali’s approach is one of ‘Total Mobility and Empowerment’ through the provision of integrated services and programs.

Our Programs

PUSPADI Bali helps overcome the challenges faced by people with disabilities by providing access to rehabilitation, education, training and employment.

Our Impact

Since 1999, PUSPADI Bali has affected the lives of over 4,000 people by empowering them with life-changing orthopedic care, mobility aids…

Get Involved

Volunteering in our vocational training programs, hosting a fundraiser with friends, or getting your workplace to sponsor a client’s treatment…

Contact Us

Want to find out more, get involved or need our services? Contact us online using the form provided. For referrals or more specific enquires please phone…