Get Involved

PUSPADI Bali depends on the generosity of funding institutions and individuals to achieve its goals and fulfill its vision. Volunteering in our vocational training programs, hosting a fundraiser with friends, or getting your workplace to sponsor a child’s treatment – there are lots of ways you can join with us to transform lives.


VolunteerPUSPADI Bali has many opportunities to volunteer within our programs. Including soft and hard skills training, computer and English language skills, IT support, and technical training. Please check our WISHLIST to see what skills and other resources we currently need.


FundraiseGet creative to raise some cash for PUSPADI Bali. There is no limit to the ways in which you can raise support. Why not arrange an event locally or sign-up to represent us at a major event. You could walk, hop, roll, bike, swim, cook, sell, create or sing for us! Even a small amount will make a big difference. For example, $30 will buy a prosthetic foot and help a child to walk independently.


DonatePUSPADI Bali is a non profit organisation. We rely on the support of individuals, organisations and foundations to achieve our mission.Your donation will fund PUSPADI Bali activities that help empower people with disabilities in Bali and Eastern Indonesia.

Partner or Sponsor

PartnershipWe are always looking to form strategic partnerships with local and international organisations to strengthen our impact and sustainability and increase capacity in the broader community. We would love to talk to orgainisations and individuals wishing to get involved or offer partnership or sponsorship opportunities. Please CONTACT US