Our Work

PUSPADI Bali programs offer an wholistic approach to disability. We help overcome the difficulties faced by people with disabilities by providing access to rehabilitation, education, training and employment.


WHO estimates that 15% of the global population have disabilities and of that 80% live in the developing world.

From the population census of 2000, physical disability was the most prevalent type of disability in Indonesia at 37%. Based on these figures, over 200,000 people in Bali have some form of physical disability.

PUSPADI Bali provides Adaptive Wheelchairs, Prostheses & Orthoses and other mobility devices free of charge to our clients. We cover 100% of their treatment costs – which includes rehabilitation and any requisite follow-up procedures to ensure treatment is effective.


Every child has the right to an education, however children with disabilities have less access to education than others.

In consultation with partner organisations, Puspadi Bali helps to facilitate access to education for children with physical disabilities.

Training & Empowerment

PUSPADI Bali is creating a sustainable infrastructure to help people with disabilities in Bali to recognise and fulfill their potential within the community and workforce by providing personal and professional development courses and support that will enable them to find a job and take practical steps towards economic independence and personal empowerment.


PUSPADI Bali aims to increase disability awareness in the community and challenge common misunderstandings and cultural beliefs about disability through increasing the participation and visibility of people with disabilities.