Prosthetics & Orthotics

Puspadi Bali have our own workshop, designed in 2011 by a team of international experts, where we produce and provide prosthetic and orthotic mobility aids including leg (above and below knee) and foot prostheses, braces, ankle foot orthoses, foot orthoses, back slabs, and orthopedic shoes. Clients are provided with a comprehensive assessment, fitting and follow-up by our physiotherapist and workshop team to ensure the mobility solution is suitable for their needs.

Many of our clients require mobility aids due to cerebral palsy, polio and amputations.

Children need a new prosthesis or orthosis every 6 to 12 months, and adults will need a new one on average every 2 years.

Without PUSPADI Bali services, people of Bali and East Indonesia with disabilities would have to travel to Java to get a prosthetic or repair – a financial impossibility for even a middle income family.

Adaptive Wheelchairs

Having identified a huge need, PUSPADI Bali is the first (and only) organisation committed to providing appropriate adaptive wheelchairs and its services in Bali and Eastern Indonesia. In 2011 PUSPADI Bali partnered with the United Cerebral Palsy Wheels For Humanity (UCP WFH) to implement the first Adaptive Wheelchair program in Bali. Ensuring individuals requiring wheelchairs are identified, assessed, fitted, supplied, monitored and provided with long-term ongoing support.

Adaptive wheelchairs that are fit for the purpose, not only enhances mobility but begins a process of opening up a world of education, work and social life, positively impacting not only individuals but families, communities and societies.


Physiotherapy is a key component in providing quality rehabilitation to clients with physical disabilities. Our physiotherapists works with clients both in our treatment centre and out in the community to improve their mobility and functional skills. People with a range of disabilities including cerebral palsy, polio and amputations are assessed by the physiotherapist and provided with an individual treatment plan to improve their muscle strength, balance, coordination and mobility.

Corrective surgery referrals and support

Puspadi Bali connects clients with organisations that offer corrective surgery for conditions including club foot, and cleft palate.

Corrective surgery corrects and manages impairment, controls pain, maximizes balance and coordination, increases functionality and optimises independence.

We assist our clients with referrals, transport and accommodation while they are undergoing treatment.

Accessible Housing Project

With the help of generous donors, in conjunction with the existing PUSPADI Bali Wheelchair Program, the Accessible Housing Project provides assessment, prescription and provision of housing modifications for wheelchair users to enable people with disabilities to have greater personal mobility, independence and social inclusion.