About Us

PUSPADI Bali is a disability rehabilitation, education, training and empowerment organisation, which is committed to working with people with a disability in Bali and Eastern Indonesia. Established, in 1999, PUSPADI Bali strives towards an inclusive society in which people with disabilities are treated equally and provided with the same opportunities as others.

Our Mission

PUSPADI Bali’s vision is that all people with a disability have access to quality rehabilitation, healthcare, education and training, are treated equally, their rights considered, and they’re included in decisions that matter in their lives.

Our People

It’s PUSPADI Bali’s passionate and dedicated team – with 75 per cent of the local staff with physical disabilities – that enable us to provide rehabilitation, support, and advocate for people with a disability in Bali and Eastern Indonesia.

Our Partners

We acknowledge the generous support of all our partners who provide invaluable in-kind donations and support for our programs.

Our History

PUSPADI Bali (formerly YAKKUM Bali) was established in 1999 by our Director I Nengah Latra and thanks to the funding and support from the Inspirasia Foundation. Pak Latra’s vision was to develop a service to provide quality support to people with a disability who are unable to access proper healthcare or living in impoverished areas of Bali and Eastern Indonesia. He saw an urgent need to assist local people living with a disability, as many were hiding away in shame or embarrassment, believing they had been cursed by the Hindu Gods.

When Pak Latra was 19 years old, he was horrifically burnt in a tragic fire accident which caused his lower right arm to be fused to his upper arm. Soon after, he hid himself away from society for two years until he was found by staff from Yakkum (NGO) Yogyarkarta. Yakkum Yogya organised the operations he needed to give him back the use of his arm. Over the next 10 years, Pak Latra worked for the organisation, saving money and with a plan that he would one day return to his home and set up an organisation which would provide rehabilitation and support to people with physical disabilities in Bali.

After a decade, he returned to the island, bought an old car (which he used as his home, office and ambulance for the next four years) and drove all over Bali, searching for people with physical disabilities who were hiding away in their homes or villages. In those early days, Pak Latra would assess their needs and source a wheelchair or other mobility aids such as crutches. Or he’d assist a local child with a disability who never had an education to go to school.

Since then PUSPADI Bali has expanded its team and they have helped more than 4,000 of people with physical disabilities in Bali and Eastern Indonesia, to regain control of their life and independence as well as lead productive, fulfilling lives. The organisation’s staff regularly travel out in the field to find more people with a disability in need of prosthetics, orthotics, mobility aids, wheelchairs, or other support. As well as being recognised as one of the leading NGOs in Bali providing disability support, Pak Latra and staff also strongly advocate for disability rights (PERDA) to be enforced at a local level so people with a disability are treated equally and have access to jobs, educational opportunities and are included in their communities.

Our Board

PUSPADI Bali is led by a committed and influential team that oversees the organisation’s growth, and works strategically in our goal to enhance personal mobility and increase independence, participation and inclusion for people with physical disabilities.

Our Sponsors

We are extremely grateful to our sponsors and donors who continually support our work.

Whether sponsoring the prosthetic of a person with a disability, referring people to us, or donating in-kind products or money, we appreciate their support.