Who We Are

Empowering people with disabilities is our mantra

World Champion Balinese Powerlifter Ni Nengah Widiasih winning bronze at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

PUSPADI Bali believes people with disabilities should be empowered to live out their dreams and reach their full potential.

We are the only NGO in Bali providing high quality mobility aids, education & training and advocacy programs to people with physical disabilities in Bali and East Indonesia.

Our team includes more than 20 Balinese and Indonesian prosthetic, orthotic and mobility aid makers, wheelchair distributors, an outreach team and other staff at work across the island and remote parts of East Indonesia.

Our work:


Assessing the needs of the person with a disability and providing a high quality prosthetic, orthotic, mobility aid or wheelchair which is comfortable and fits them.

Training & Empowerment

Building people with a disability’s confidence and potential to find work through our Soft & Hard Skills Training Program.


Facilitating access to education for children with physical disabilities through our partner organisations so they can exercise their right to go to school.


Challenging stigmas about disability and increasing awareness & participation of people with disabilities in their communities.