Advocating the Government of Bali Province re Jamkesus Disability

We are continuing to advocate the Government of Bali to replicate the practices in Yogjakarta where on the 29th of June 2021, we conducted an online meeting with Task Force member from DPOs and representatives of Government of Bali Province.

The meeting was about Unifying the Understanding of Stakeholders from the Government on Good Practice Learning from the Yogyakarta Disability Jamkesus, to encourage the Fulfillment of Adaptive Aids for Persons with Disabilities by the Provincial Government of Bali.

We re-invited a representative from Bapel Jamkessos Yogyakarta to share their practices to the Bali Provincial Government representatives attending the meeting such as Head of Social Department, Health Department, Biro Hukum and Biro Kesra. We are grateful that they gave positive feedback and especially the Head of Social Department will support advocating this furthermore to the designated department especially Bappeda.

According to representative of Health Department, in Bali there is a health program called Krama Bali Sejahtera (JKN KBS) that runs Provincial Government to cover health services to those who have not been covered by national program JKN KIS. This could be a good entry point to assess further by Task Force if any mobility aids can be inserted.