Balinese Teenager Devi Lets Her Talents Shine Despite a Life Marred by Tragedy

Devi is a talented Balinese teenager who has suffered unimaginable tragedy in her life and found the strength to succeed, through the support of PUSPADI Bali.

When Devi was six years old, she lost her leg and parents in a motorbike accident.

She then grew up living with her grandparents.

After the accident, Devi was shy and didn’t want to socialise, preferring to stay in her room.

She was ashamed of her disability and used a walking stick.

Devi was also still dealing with the immense grief of losing her parents.

In 2013, she received her first prosthetic leg from PUSPADI Bali and it gave her hope and motivation to live life to the full.

PUSPADI Bali staff also found a scholarship for Devi, so she could go to school. It proved to be an incredible turning point in her life.

She became independent and learnt to walk with a prosthetic leg, and no longer had to use a walking stick.

In October, Devi did a traditional Balinese dance in front of a hundred people at the Hilton Bali Resort’s CSR Funds Distribution Gala event (which donated money to PUSPADI Bali’s cause).

Devi enjoys socialising with her friends and continues to dance as a hobby.

It’s a life she never imagined but she now has renewed hope and confidence through the support she has received from PUSPADI Bali, enabling her to realise her vast potential.

Visit this link donate or (Bahasa site) to support people with disabilities.